Sunday, December 31, 2006

Time to say Goodbye

I feel it is time now to say goodbye to my blog. Though, I hope not to all the special people I met through this blog!

My life was more like a roller coaster this past 16 months and I am glad I documented it, I am thankful for all the helpful, wise and supporting comments I got from my readers and I feel it was the best place for me to keep a diary and to "vent".

But now I finally settled down, bought an apartment in my new home country and feel it is the right time to start a calmer life.

Thanks for accompanying me during the last 16 months!

Have a happy 2007, filled with happiness and health!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Hungary update

The past 5 days in Hungary were dreadfull! We are just glad to be out of this country with unfriendly, unhelpful, ugly and complicated people. I don´t think I will ever again set foot in Hungary - well, at least I feel this way right now.

I don´t want to go into details now, as this would mean to re-live everything again.

If you ever want to visit Hungary, here a few tips:

book a 4 or 5 star hotel, don´t use public transport, don´t rent a car and try in any possible way to stay away from the locals! Never ever think of moving there! and if you do, never ever move anywhere else than Budapest. As all other towns and villages are pure hell!

We packed and sorted our stuff, we sent 17 boxes, 211 kilos by mail (and hope they will arrive) and took 5 suitcases, 100 kilos with us on the plane (we only paid for 10 kilos overweight.... I am Israeli at the end of the day :)

That´s it, never again Hungary, we are so glad to be home now. Although it is weird that Stockholm is my new home. I love it here and am so exited to live here, but this is my third country this year and I guess it will take some time to adjust and not to call Zurich home :)

Now we are in our apartment, putting up furniture and lamps, shopping some more stuff for the apartment and hopefully move before the new year! I feels great!

Have a good Shabbes everyone!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

How´s it going?

I am posting here a few of the pictures that were in the online-ad when we bought the apartment, none of the furniture is ours!

Last Friday we got the keys to the new apartment and since then we are shopping furniture and renovating. On Sunday we went to IKEA and made a big shopping of the basic furniture, then we went to the electronic shop and bought a TV, we bought a laundry machine online and found the perfect sofa in another furniture shop! We also bought paint and painted all the ceilings on Sunday night. The new floor (wooden) for the hall, the office and the kitchen will hopefully also arrive this week but I am not sure when we will do the floors. (did I tell you that we will do everything ourself? It is like a dream come true for my handyman-husband, he loves it!!!)

It´s a mix of a crazy and scary and fantastic time right now. I never in my life spent so much money on a weekend. On the other side it is nice to put together a new apartment from scratch. Maybe some of you remember when I moved from Switzerland to Hungary I sold and gave away all my furniture as it would not be worth to send them around Europe. So this means we have nothing, besides our clothes and some schmonzes. We started to put together some of the IKEA furniture last night and the sofa was delivered yesterday but it feels very weird, I am not home yet, nothing personal is in the apartment yet. But I guess this will change soon.

On Sunday we are flying to Hungary to get our stuff that we left there. It will be weird to go back, it feels like a lifetime ago that we lived in Hungary, although it is only 4 months ago.

Beginning of February we hope to get all our stuff from Switzerland, which I can´t wait for. Finally to get all my kitchen stuff and all my shoes and pictures and shmonzes!

Hope you all have a great Channuka! With my MIL living just around the corner we light candles every night there and eat sufganiot and latkes. (On the first night of Channuka she couldn´t find sufganiot, so she made them herself - they were yammy, and it is so sweet of her to do that!)

on a side note: HAPPY BIRTHDAY HoH!!!!!! Hope you are having a fantastic time in Israel and are enjoying your birthday in the sun!!!!!

Happy Channuka!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Just a quick update

Over all the exitment with the apartment I totally forgot to write that my mom is coming for a visit :D.

She planned this trip before we new if we are staying. So she came for the weekend and left today. We had a great time together, I think she really enjoyed seeing Stockholm (last time she came we got civil married and there was no time to see anything). We went to the Jewish Museum, which was disappointing as it was basically just one room, we want to the synagogue which they opened specially for us, we went to the King´s palace (I am driving out there again, next time our guests have to take the boat...) and we walked a lot in town. On Sunday evening we went to the Icebar, maybe some of you saw it at Amazing Race a couple of seasons ago. The bar is made out of ice, like everything is out of ice, the bar, the bench, the tables, the walls, the drinks are even served in ice....

A pretty busy time is coming up now and I am not sure how much I will be able to blog and comment on your blogs. I will try to take the time but apartment renovation and furnishing comes first :D

On 24th December we are flying to Hungary for 4 days to pack and ship our stuff from there. We hope to get our stuff from Switzerland in early January by truck.... lots of things to organize and figure out ahead of us, but at the same time purely exiting !

Have a wonderful Channuka, eat a lot of Sufganiot and sing many songs....

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


so,we won the bidding last night! at 9:15pm the real estate agent called and told us that the apartment is ours!

We are on cloud 7 since then!

Today we went to the bank, to apply for the mortgage, we got the OK. Then we met the real estate agent and the seller. We went through the contract details and SIGNED!

I can´t believe that everything went so fast. On Sunday we saw the apartment and today (Tuesday) we have a signed contract! Once again we were lucky. Stockholm really brings us luck!

Just before we went to the bank my husband was informed that they appreciate him so much that they decided to give him a raise in salary even though the trial period is not over yet!!!

Now we have to wait for the residence association (all the apartment owners of the house and some houses next door) to agree to us and once this is settled we can move in. The date is set for next Friday, 8:30am!

We are still overwhelmed. We started to plan how to furnish the apartment and thought about what we want to renovate. We can start from next Friday, as the apartment is already empty! We got no furniture at all, so it is pretty cool to plan and shop matching furniture, we laugh and feel like "grown-ups" :D

Since we moved here in September somehow everything is working out so smoothly, almost scary. I hope our luck will not stop for a while. It feels so good when things just magically work out!!!

Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Update of the apartment bidding

Today was one of the most nerv-racking days!!!

Around 10am the bidding started, many people were interested, the price went up in small steps. Then it was only us and 3 other people/couples. The price started to go up in bigger steps.

2 stopped bidding around 5pm. Now it is us and another young couple. We gave the last bidding at 5:45pm and haven´t heard anything from our real estate agent.

At 19:00 we sent a text message to ask how our opponents are doing and got the answer, that it looks good for us!!! He will try to call us again tonight, otherwise it will be tomorrow morning!

We really want this apartment, we are slightly over our budget with the last bid, but we really hope to win it tonight!!!

So, please keep your fingers crossed!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Decision taken

Glämsta was fantastic for all the reasons that I blogged about and I think the pictures speak for themselves. But while being at Glämsta we also took a big decision.

We decided to decide in Glämsta about our future or at least our short term future. It is the perfect place, out in the nature, where we can have fresh thoughts and a great scenery to discuss what we want to do next year.

My regular readers know that the he decision that we had to take wasn´t easy. We had to decide if we want to go back to Hungary next year or stay in Sweden or move to Switzerland.

So the decision is to stay in Sweden and try our luck here for a few years.

So last weekend we went to see some apartments. As I wrote in a previous blog, renting is impossible in Stockholm, and the only option we have is to buy an apartment. We saw 9 apartments and liked one out them. But the one we like, we love, we both immediately "clicked" with the apartment and would like to move in immediately.

Tomorrow starts the bidding and we hope that we will in and hopefully get it for a reasonable price!

update about the bidding will follow tomorrow!!!