Friday, August 25, 2006

I hate Hungarian bureaucracy

So, I am in the middle of trying to settle my temporary residence here in Hungary. As I wrote last Friday, I am in the lucky position to have an easy process as I am treated as if I am coming from an EU country, even though I am Swiss. Unfortunately easy process in Hungarian terms is not what I understand as easy!

That´s how it should be in my eyes: I go to the Immigration office, tell them that I am here to study, they welcome me and make a copy of my passport to register me.

And this is how it works in reality: I go there and collect the forms that need to be filled in, I get a list of papers they need and off I go to organise my papers and come back. Yesterday I went back to hand in my papers, but when I arrived, there were 10 people ahead of me and when after the first half hour nothing moved, I decided to come back first thing this morning.

So this morning I went back, and lucky me, was 2nd in line. Pretty fast I discovered that the Hungarians are very suspecious people. She didn´t trust any of my photo copies, she wants to see all the originals! Original acceptance letter, original health insurance policy, original apartment contract. Which means I have to go back AGAIN!!!

First of all, why do they distrust people so much, secondly why can´t they make some phone calls to check up if I am cheating and thirdly, why the heck couldn´t they tell me on Friday that I need to bring all originals???? Additionally our landlord has to make a new contract as the current contract is on Daniel´s name and I need to be on it as well, they wouldn´t even accept our marriage certificate to believe that we are married and live in the same apartment. Her answers to my comments were like an automated voice: "we have our rules!"

Now here comes the joke of the day. She wrote a paper including all the papers I brought and all the papers that are missing. And guess what, this paper, which is like a multiple choice form, was in Hungarian!! And she seriously asked me to sign it, eventhough I had no clue whatsoever is written there. How ridiculous is that??? I told her that I also have my rules and I don´t sign anything I don´t understand! (Needless to say that at the end I signed).

So, here we go again. The worst will be to track down our landlord again to get a new contract. His wife is highly pregnant and they are building an additional level on their house, so I they are busy with their own life and it is always a struggle to make them come to give us a signature. The thing is that he can never come alone as he claims his English is not good enough, his wife is French which makes life much easier, but it also means that we need to coordinate with 2 people.....

Arrgh! that´s how I feel right now!


Blogger Head over heel said...

Gosh - how annoying and they are in the EU ;-) no wonder they just join....I am mean!!!

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting to know that Hungarians are a suspicious lot! sorry to hear about your troubles. And to think that here in the US people who come here illegally complain that they can't get free health care, education, and even voting rights! I'd like to see them get anywhere in Hungary!

6:28 PM  
Blogger MC Aryeh said...

Mia, sorry you are having so much trouble. Maybe some things are still left over from when Hungary was that a picture of Pecs? Very colorful.

8:07 AM  
Blogger Mia said...

HoH: you are mean :D

Amishav: The worst for me is that they treat me like a criminal and as if I try to cheat them. And I am not sure how much of it is because of my look (sephardi, foreigner look), I am (unfortunately) used to rassism and I am probably just sensitiv about it, but I know for a fact that they don´t treat all students the same, Scandinavians have a much easier life....

Mcareh: I guess so, they are definitely still scared of everything. I should make a "just in Hungary"-list :D. The picture is of Pecs, it is a cute little town, but the people have to open :D

8:32 AM  

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